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When blades clash or lasers cut the air - you are the commander of your troops guiding them safely through dangerous terrain with the goal of achieving their mission. You will find here all you need for your gaming table - spoilt for choice from a simple hill up to finely detailed fortresses and temples.
»Dunkelstadt« – the ultimate playing surface
for all dungeon-gamers and goalers

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All hail – stranger, friend or whatever you decide to be. Welcome to this place a secret place, a world between twilight and first light, entwined around dark legends evolved since the dawn of time. The venerable ancients, once gave this place the name: »Dunkelstadt«. The houses nestle up against the towering hillside of »Nieselberg« and its narrow alleys and walkways carve their way deep into the mountain ranges which are as old as the world. You will find unnoticed hideouts and dark corners, dead-ends, switchbacks and treacherous pathways that lead no-where. The catacombs lie deep under the earth‘s surface, even deeper than the sewers, drains or the river’s spring, dark and secret hidden paths which are only used by those who avoid the sunlight. Only a few people find the way to such place, fewer still will find the way back to daylight. They are like the dammed, whose only hope is that a miracle or death will help them to get out of this place; forgotten by all those attending their business high up in town.


In our workshop we will show you how to individualize your Modules to your desire and your needs. In fact - it's very simple!

With our MGT's (Modular Gaming Tables) you are able to create your Playing Field just the way you need it for a new battle and  you can change the field again and again.
We offer 12 different Modules as single ones or for an even better
Set price of 4 or 6 Modules;  free sortable to your own taste.
And all this for the most of your money!!

Here you can find our MGT's
Gaps between the modules are not retouched ;)

Create Your Adventure!
This slogan is obligatory for us - 'cause with ZITERDES terrain pieces YOU are the creator of your world. Tabletop is more than a game. It stands for collecting, painting, tinkering (doing handcrafts), gaming and lots of emotion.

ZITERDES represents amongst others tinkering (doing hadcrafts) and painting - for the creative essential details. The look of your gamin table is in the same manner as your miniatures. No game without terrain. Terrain is tactically and obtically very important and act strategical a pivotal role.
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